Aerial Site Intelligence for Construction

Progress reports are an invaluable tool to backtrack, allowing managers and stakeholders to review past work for due diligence, as well as to identify possible problems or delays before they occur, saving time and money.

Early construction planning, progress reports and layered chronological due dilligence reports…easier than ever

Derive Business Insights from aerial data

  • Ongoing progress report services

  • New build ‘view from here’ photography

  • Time lapse build reports

Survey Accurately
in Real Time

In under an hour from takeoff, site managers and investors can access real time aerial details of the current stage of large scale projects, at their fingertips, whether located on-site or off-location.

Drone Mapping Solutions

Keep Projects On Track
with Progress Photos

  • Pre-planning before commencement of project

  • Drone efficiency allows more reports, more often

  • Waste avoidance and project optimisation

360 degree project accountability

Periodic aerial images help site and project managers monitor the productivity of their teams as well as ensuring that their capital equipment and machinery is on-site, in the right place, at the right time. Both in real time, and retroactively to understand when an item went wrong or went missing.

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