At CAN·UAS we accept what3words coordinates in order to plan and deliver drone missions in an expedious manner. Many of our jobs are located in places where street addresses don’t pinpoint exact locations, or simply just don’t exist. While Latitude|Longditude coordinates are precise, they are not concise and easy to share with a team or verbally over a phone, and this is where what3words presents a great solution.

What3words allows our clients to communicate an exact location to us. They have achieved this by dividing the world into 3 metre squares and assigning each square a unique combination of three words. For example, the what3words address of the nearby Dade Collier Transition Airport is shrub.paved.contestants Link here .

Using the app, UAS operators like CAN·UAS can interpret landing sites, structure locations, waypoints or delivery dropoffs with just 3 words. If clients do not have the app, they can search their location on the what3words site and easily relay it to our UAV flight preparation team.

“This technology is especially helpful once we go beyond paved roads and are identifying assets that are far from paved roads, street signs and postcodes…but need attention nevertheless. We think this will help particularly in our remote asset inspection duties suck as hydroelectric dame, power grids and telecom towers.

The app is available for free on iOS and Android or via the online map at It’s also available in more than 40 languages and works offline, making it ideal for use once we are past the reach of cellphone data.

What3Words countryside