Commercial and Residential roof inspections

At CAN·UAS we perform aerial unmanned roof inspections for private residential, multi-family residential and commercial roofing clients. Our team employ cutting-edge drones carrying high-resolution thermal and visual cameras capable of centimeter-level positioning accuracy. Our visual camera allows us to gather detailed images and build 2D orthomosaics while our radiometric camera helps us observing thermal anomalies over large roofing areas in a non-invasive manner.

Thermal Inspections

Whether you’re a roofing contractor, a strata manager or a commercial building owner; drone-based thermal roofing inspections provide a unique way of interpreting moisture and humidity trapped underneath roofing membranes. With correct thermal tuning we can identify anomalies which are the product of thermal capacitance differences in the materials beneath the outer roofing layer. With a short flight and post-production CAN·UAS helps inspectors gather the data and interpret these anomalies to identify possible problems without traditional ‘invasive’ drilling procedures.

Thermal Roof Data
Drone Roof Inspection

Visual Inspections

No roof shape or location is too complicated to gather fast and detailed imagery of roof structure, component condition or known damage (for insurance reporting). Traditional means require ladders, humans and safety harness systems and still are unable to reach some hard-to-reach structural facets. At  CAN·UAS we can have actionable data within minutes of arriving and detailed reports in stakeholders’ inbox in the time it takes to assemble a ladder and harness a rig, and above all keeping humans out-of-harms-way at all times.

Detailed Roof Reports

Clients hire CAN·UAS to build detailed roof reports for baseline inspection, trend analysis or as a starting point when requesting quotes for roof replacement or repair. In just one hour of flight we can gather one acre of accurate roofing data and prepare a detailed roofing report within 24 hours. These reports provide key data such as surface areas, perimeter, pitch, rake, hip and edge measurements. Clients receive a detailed PDF report to build into their project bid request.

Drone Roof Report Surface Detail

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