Efficient Mapping

Drone surveying provides an accurate, fast and inexpensive alternative to traditional surveying. Using photogrammetry, our drones, combined with our software, tie together large sums of photographs to build terrain maps (known as Digital Terrain Models or DTM’s) or 3D models of stuctures(known as Digital Surface Models or DSM’s) which can be used to efficiently plan and calculate areas, distances or volumes for project planning, asset administration and project management.

This system of mapping greatly reduces costs and reduces the human risk involved in traditional mapping and surveying techniques.

These GIS surveys and their point-cloud data can further be exported so that other industry professionals (architects, excavation companies, property developers) can further interpret and manipulate the data in order to incorporate real ‘as-built’ terrain and structures into their planned development projects more efficiently.

Terrain Orthomosaics

By mapping terrain with our drones we build detailed orthomosaics for use in calculating volumetric measurements and linear distances, as well as full 3D ‘maneuverable’ Digital Surface Models (DSM’s) and elevation heatmaps. These are then used to calculate fill requirements or land movement needs for excavating companies or developers.

Orthomosaic of Land in British Columbia CanadaElevation Heat Maps
Vancouver Drone Aerial PhotographyElevation

3D Models

As well as 2D detailed orthomosaics and elevation maps, we develop 3D models and Digital Surface Models which our clients can include into their new build projects.

Vancouver Drone ModelsElevation

3D Models

The finished 3D models allow project managers rotate, zoom and take measurements in order to correctly plan projects ahead of time, and during ongoing construction projects we periodically update the models to overlay new sections as and when they are completed.

Structural Orthomosaics

By mapping a structure with our drones we can build detailed birds-eye true vertical orthomosaics for use in calculating surface areas, volumetric measurements and linear distances, as well as full 3D ‘maneuverable’ models and elevation heatmaps. For increased precision we can fly with the use of RTK (Real Time Kinematics) to ensure centimeter level accuracy on models. 

StorageOrthomosaicElevation Heatmap

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