Condition Assessment Aerial Images for Insurance Purposes

Performing annual orthomosaics images of homes, townhouse complexes or condo complexes are essential for due-dilligence reporting and proof for post-hurricane events.

Images after hurricanes are easy to capture, however sometimes are too late. HOA’s that perform annual orthomosaic images of the roof structures have tangible evidence of pre-storm building conditions to help future post-disaster insurance claims.

Baseline Roof Studies

Our first flight provides a baseline image for safekeeping in the eventuality of a future natural disaster. Annual flights are inexpensive and can document changes  in conditions so that property owners and managers have evidence and visibility of roof conditions.

Aerial Nadir Waterfront Home
South Florida Drone Images

Orthomosaics Not Photos

While an aerial picture provides some information, at CANUAS we take many photos of the same house/townhouse/condo complex and stitch them together for a detailed Orthomosaic or ‘Orthophoto’. This provides a super-high detail image to use as evidence when discussing with insurance companies or roofing contractors.

Annual Reporting

Our clients conduct annual reports in order to ensure a condition history, which is sometimes required after a natural disaster to prove roof and structure conditions prior to the hurricane or storm.

Drone Roof Report Surface Detail

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